Simple and delightful wine


The owners of Tipsy Afternoon Vineyards LLC, Shirly Yan and her husband, both have software engineering background and ran Research and Development Centers in multinational companies for more than 20 years.

Hobby drives them devote to grape growing and wine making. They studied viticulture and enology in university for 2 years, before they invested this vineyard and winery in 2019.

Since then they were concentrating on vineyard and winery optimization, reshaped the winery brand, and only export the wine for sales. Tasting room in the states is planned to be opened in 2032.


We believe without high quality grapes there are no elegant wines, so we  dedicate to all vineyard details, employ scientific methods in growing and harvesting grapes, and farm the vineyard in an sustainable approach. 

  • The vineyard’s yield is managed at 2 tons every acre, for grapes’ best quality and vineyard’s sustainability. 
  • The grapes are grown based on an accurate phenological knowledge base, which can guide all vineyard activities in a predictable and consistent way. 
  • Internet of thing system is being deployed in the vineyard, detecting the soil humidity level so that the grapes can be fed with the optimum amount of water timely.
  • Biodynamic approach is explored in our vineyard, keeping organic practices of nutrients, weed management, and pest management.

We devote ourselves to make high quality wine, technically and sensorially. Drinking wine is simple and fun, not necessary along with complicated words, just as our lives.

  • All red wines are from our vineyard, estate grown, produced and bottled. 
  • The wine quality comes from paying attention to details of each step of wine making, the optimum harvest timing to secure the best balance of acidity and sugar, gentle de-stemming and crushing, slow and cool maceration and fermentation, and patient oak aging. We insist on <50% wine grape ratio for superior wine quality.
  • We combined scientific and sensorial approaches in wine making, in this way we can assure a consistent quality of our wines.
  • We make and express our wines in a simple and direct approach. You can always find one fitting your taste.